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The Holy Grail of Blockchain

Swiss Capital Group’s GEM - the ‘gem’ as a proprietary gold standard and capital backed cryptocurrency - is the divine ultimate adoption of blockchain technology into global currency market and crypto central banking. 


Swiss Capital Group - Swiss Capital FinTech Link (SCFL)

Swiss Capital Group is world’s leading Royal and Swiss heritage multifamily office, sovereign wealth investment bank, Princely advisory to His Excellencies and humanitarian programs. SCFL, a  Swiss Capital Group wholly owned blockchain flagship, is poised to be world’s top decentralised crypto investment bank, liquidity provider and technology innovator, enabler, incubator with group’s best practice, best-of-breed fintech and proprietary resources, nurturing Swiss Capital GEM aiming to contribute 20% share of global crypto market capitalisation, circulating cryptomoney supply, liquidity provision and transaction turnover - an aggregate in excess of $2 Trillion before 2025. 

Swiss Capital GEM soft launch at Davos 2020 

Patience for the global launch

We shall showcase our good-for-all-mankind ecosystem in a global official press conference shortly. 

Swiss Capital GEM introductory video


Swiss Capital GEM in the news of Blockchain Ecosystem



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